Men’s suit alteration in Watford, London:

Located in the heart of London, BX is among the area’s leading tailoring and alteration brands. Every individual deserves a well-fitted suit once in their life, therefore BX established a tailoring and alteration brand that offers affordable services. After perfecting and mastering the art of bespoke tailoring we decided to expand our services line by introducing alterations for the people of London.

What you wear is what you are. Clothes bring out your inner personality and, if well fitted, can enhance your confidence. Our designers recommend you go for the bespoke route when it comes to suits, but if you are short on time and low on budget, you have no choice but to buy an off-the-rack suit. These readymade suits tend to be in standard sizes and do not flatter all bodies, if a suit isn’t looking great on you, it is better to book a consultation with an expert to know how they can fix it and get a perfect fit. With over 40 years of experience in the bespoke industry, our tailors know their way around the suits, they know where the problem lies and how to fix it with their expertise. We can assure you that your suit is in good hands.

What we offer:
BX bridal offers affordable full suit alteration services that are a combination of individual services which include:
– Taking in or letting out the side seams (to loosen or tighten the suit)
– Lengthening or shortening the sleeves.
– Lengthening or shortening the trousers.
– Taking in or letting out the waist of the trousers.
– Waistcoat alterations.
– Adjusting suit lapels.

Why choose us?
1. Experience – BX bridal has over 40 years of tailoring and alterations experience housing only the very best tailoring professionals. With state-of-the-art equipment and high-grade materials, we assure you that whatever we produce would be of the utmost quality.
2. Affordable – Our services are for all, therefore we offer a variety of services that exude finesse and are within your budget.
3. Quality – BX bridals is a quality conscious company with aim of providing the finest services for the people of London.

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